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datum: donderdag 22 juni 2017

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Born to Be | Inntel Hotels Resort Zutphen

As birth care professionals we are literally standing at the cradle of our society.
The way our clients have experienced their pregnancy, birth and postpartum is something that will be spoken of for many years.
In both positive and negative ways.

The question is though, which approach really contributes to a "gentle landing" for each family?
What is the best way to offer positive postpartum care for both mother and baby?
What is the key to true contentment for all concerned?

Throughout the 3 day event "Born to Be" we will search for answers during the Masterclasses and the Symposium by means of science, case histories and personal experiences.

22nd of June Masterclass with Debra Pascali-Bonaro: Moving from Pain to Power, Passion and Pleasure!
23rd of June Symposium Facilitating Positive Post Partum Health
24th of June Masterclass with Michel Odent: Nuggets of Wisdom

Special price for the whole 3-days event: 385 €
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