Dr. Michel Odent - Nuggets of Wisdom | Inntel Hotels Resort Zutphen

datum: zaterdag 24 juni 2017

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Dr Michel Odent - Nuggets of Wisdom | Inntel Hotels Resort Zutphen

A DAY WITH Michel Odent
Free interaction with the public. Possible topics:

-The place of birth from bacteriological and immunological perspectives
-A key to understanding human nature in general and human birth in particular
-Can humanity survive reproductive medicine?
-Relationship between Homo sapiens and the sea
- Thinking long term: presentation of the Primal Health Research Database
- The right to challenge tradition and cultural conditioning
- Pre-labour caesareans and stress deprivation
-Nutrition of pregnant and lactating mothers.
-Childbirth and symbiotic revolution
-What everybody needs to know about emerging and fast developing scientific disciplines.
- The highways to transcendence

Throughout his whole career, Michel Odent, originally a surgeon, has been a pioneer.
In the mid-1970s, he challenged the effects of thousands of years of perinatal beliefs and rituals by claiming that, in our species, lactation is supposed to start during the hour following birth.
In his book “Primal Health”, published in 1986, he anticipated a new generation of epidemiological studies exploring correlations between what happens during the “primal period” and what happens later on in terms of health and personality traits. The Primal Health Research Database now includes more than 1000 entries.
Michel Odent, born in 1930, cannot be a “doer” anymore. But he can still help the younger generations to phrase appropriate questions.

Date: 24 juni 2017
Location: Inntel Hotels Resort Zutphen
Time: 10.00- 16:00 uur
Price: 135 € (incl coffee, tea, organic lunch)
Registration: http://geboortenis.nl/masterclass-michel-odent/

This masterclass is the third day in a 3-days event BORN TO BE.
22nd of June Masterclass with Debra Pascali-Bonaro : Moving from Pain to Power, Passion and Pleasure!
23rd of june Symposium Facilitating Positive Post Partum Health

Special price for the whole 3-days event: 385 €
All other combination tickets, student prices, check our website: http://geboortenis.nl/born-to-be/

bron: https://www.facebook.com/events/249663055460725/

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