TDF; Polkadot Jersey - Grand Colombiar Posbank (1501) | Posbank

datum: zondag 9 juli 2017

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TDF  Polkadot Jersey - Grand Colombiar Posbank 1501 | Posbank

To support you in the Rapha Rising Challenge and to honour the queens stage of the TDF we will ride our own Grand Colombiar (1501). We'll loop the Posbank, (16 times / 95m) to have the same amount of climbing meters as the Grand Colombier. For those who have succesfully finished the challenge there will be a present waiting for you. During the challenge there is a stand with food & drinks to support you during the ride.

09:00 Meet up at Groenestraat 1, Rheden (Pannekoekhuis Strijland)
09:30 Start Challenge.

Posbank, Rheden

Loop: (16 times)
Up and Down (26 times)
*Please note that you can also ride up and down



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